As a passionate product designer, I have a proven track record of leading initiatives at companies like Meta and Workday. I have spearheaded the Test Universe initiative to improve product development and testing efficiency, enhanced customer service flow for e-commerce and health-care projects with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and GenAI chatbots, and revamped end-to-end experiences for internal tools and apps. My diverse portfolio of projects showcases my ability to lead cross-functional teams and bring innovative ideas to execution.


Test Universe

A proprietary tool that enables Metamates to build artificially intelligent test universe with bot users that mimic real users' behavior and synthetic content generation.



A custom Salesforce app used by Workmates to track the lifecycle of every deployment made for customers.


A new US official site and e-commerce store to rebrand corporate image for the world's 4th largest telecom equipment manufacturer.


An app aims to help improve older adults' ability to cognitive functions.


A cloud-based information system providing multilingual HPV-related training for research participants, and data collection and task management for research staff.

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